Talwara Mughlan Sialkot, Pakistan

Matahab International was established 2017. Due to our dedicated, honest and friendly approach, we received tremendous response from our esteemed customers around the world in very short period of time. At the moment, we are supplying our products almost all major cities in Europe, USA and Canada.

Matahab International is enjoying the consistent loyalty of our customers which is proof of commitment in maintaining quality, friendly service and keeping our prices very much competitive.

We trust our customers and so customers trust on us. You will find us friendly, straightforward, reliable and honest.

We offer the guaranteed quality of our goods as per samples and customers instructions. We remain responsible of our goods even after their supplies.

Coming to Matahab International means you are in the hands of trustworthy company in the field of Sports Goods, Boxing Equipments and Martial Arts.

Our Terms of payment are flexible and we remain committed with given delivery time.

We are potentially strong enough to make collaboration and cater the needs Of any branded company in the world.

Matahab International is where you will be finally relieved in terms of your business needs and worries.

Managing Partners
Cell phone: +92 301 3084 085